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As well manufacturing and suppying comprehensive ranges of acoustic cabinet fans, standard small and medium air handling units (electric and LPHW heater batteries for internal and external locations), and low energy heat recovery units (also with electric and LPHW heater batteries for internal and external siting), AVT has an extensive knowledge of the requirements of the custom-build market and caters for unique specifications such as hospitals and schools, whilst meeting the increasing demands on space and performance.

AVT provides a "one-stop shop" for all requirements, with a high standard of service and flexibility on product design combined with speed of delivery resulting from an extensive stock of components and finished goods.

Additionally, with the ever increasing restrictions on access, AVT can provide units in a flat-pack form along with a high skilled team to reassemble on site.

Air Vent Technology, has now set up a new department for the maintenance, repair and installation of this type of unit.  AVT can:

•    refurbish, maintain and repair ALL your Air Handling Units
•    install ALL necessary components
•    remove old/damaged items
•    flat-pack new components to assist with installation in difficult to access areas
•    schedule work at your convenience (even weekends)
•    install bespoke or standard energy efficient AHUs for specific applications
•    integrated control options
•    web based monitoring
•    offer maintenance/service packages

Refurbishment by AVT trained personnel can:
•    save you up to 50% of the cost of new units
•    be a faster option than installing a new unit
•    give the benefit of better performance, better filtration and increased efficiency of over 50%
•    save money on overall running costs
•    no expensive road closures and crane lifts
and,  AVT (SES) offers a full installation package


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