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Emergency Smoke Extract

  • Overview


    • The mechanical ventilation systems shown in this catalogue resolve the problems connected to smoke extraction at high temperature and are the ideal solution for emergency extraction in case of fire.
Products Emergency Smoke Extract

Potential Risks in Fire Situation

    • • release of gas and toxic substances causing eyes to water and consequent difficulty in escaping
    • • ashes can be suspended in the atmosphere leading to reduced or no visibility
    • • development of very high temperatures
    • • the increase of carbon monoxide and reduction of oxygen in the air (possibly leading to asphyxiation)

Function and Advantages of Mechanical Ventilation in Case of Fire

    • 1. Mechanical ventilation removes smoke and fumes produced by a fire and by creating negative pressure (in the ambient) it prevents smoke spreading into other parts of the building. This makes it easier for people to escape and simplifies the job of the fire and rescue services.
    • 2. In enclosed areas, temperatures can easily exceed 1000° C, causing combustion from heat radiation and making any external extinguishing operation useless. Keeping the temperature relatively low (300°- 400° C) by extracting hot air, can avoid the collapse of support structures. In addition, the higher oxygen levels will cause better combustion and thus, for most materials, a lower production of toxic smoke.
    • 3. Mechanical ventilation allows the siting of the exhaust outlets away from the fire. High temperature axial fans are easily connected to a duct system.
    • 4. Mechanical ventilation allows the extraction of cold fumes, which since they remain at a lower level are dangerous and are difficult to remove using static systems.
    • 5. Mechanical ventilation allows for ventilation in normal circumstances (clean air), using products with two speed motors: at low speed for normal ventilation (so with lower noise level) and at high speed for emergency conditions. For this type of operation, it is necessary to install the fan with a dedicated power line that automatically operates in case of fire.


    • Emergency Smoke Extract fan design and installation is regulated by the European standard EN12101-3, which establishes the temperature ranges/operation time certified products must comply with. The SMOKEX® range is CE certified to classes F300 and F400 and guaranteed to operate at 300°C for two hours in compliance with EN12101-3 standard by the Applus laboratories in Barcelona.

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