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Air Handling Units

  • Internal & External - Electric Heater Battery or LPHW Heating Coil


    • 4 sizes
    • Super quiet - high performance acoustic lining
    • Integral trickle and boost, and isolator
    • Airflow to 1.35m³/sec
    • Double skinned galvanised steel cases with rockwool infill (standard for internal models, available for external)
    • Standard external models in galvanised steel,  single skinned with plastisol exterior in light grey to BS10A05
    • Access: side for internal models, top for external models
    • Complete with integral mounting points for either floor or ceiling mounting
    • Inlets and outlets fitted with "mez" type duct connecting flanges
    • External unit air inlets protected by weatherproof cowl and bird guard
    • Direct drive single inlet, single width, backward curved centrifugal type fans
    • Motors with thermal overload protection
    • Fan blades statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO 1940/1 and balancing quality G6.3
    • Electric heater batteries for 1ph and 3ph operation are manufactured from sheathed rod elements with an integral, manual  reset thermal cut-out for wiring into control unit
    • LPHW batteries from copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminium fins supplied with standard BSP male connections
    • Maximum air temperature 40ºC
    • Panel filters fitted into slide-in channels and manufactured from bonded and coated spun glass fibre to G3 grade, fitted as standard in easily removable housings
    • Manufactured in UK to ISO 9001
Infinity Air Handling Units

Maximum Air Volume

      Air Handling Units - Maximum Air Volume

Technical Data - SPE/SRE1-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPE/SRE1-ECs

Technical Data - SPE/SRE4-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPE/SRE4-ECs

Technical Data - SPE/SRE6-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPE/SRE6-ECs

Technical Data - SPE/SRE7-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data  - SPE/SRE7-ECs

Dimensions - SPE/SRE-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Dimensions - SPE/SRE-ECs

Technical Data - SPW/SRW1-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPW/SRW1-ECs

Technical Data - SPW/SRW4-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPW/SRW4-ECs

Technical Data - SPW/SRW6ECs

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPW/SRW6ECs

Technical Data - SPW/SRW7-EC

      Air Handling Units - Technical Data - SPW/SRW7-EC

Dimensions - SPW/SRW-ECs

      Air Handling Units - Dimensions - SPW/SRW-ECs


O & M - SPE-EC

O & M - SRE-EC

O & M - SPW-EC

O & M - SRW-EC