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Heat Recovery

  • Overview


    • Comprehensive and extensive range of Heat Recovery Units direct drive and belt driven models for plant-room and roof installation
    • Able to deliver up to 2.0 m³/sec ensuring that any installation requirement can be met
    • AVT can custom build units with a capacity of up to 12.0 m³/sec
Products Heat Recovery

Design Brief

    • Units are specifically designed to help alleviate the problems of high energy consumption typically occurring when large buildings needing to provide proper ventilation have to draw in air from outside
    • Heat Recovery Units enable the recovery of at least 50% of the energy which would otherwise be lost with the extraction of contaminated air
    • Heat Recovery - Design Brief

What Product to Choose

    • Stricter rules governing air tightness of buildings means more emphasis on controlled fresh air supply
    • Heat Recovery Units are easy to install and have a wide variety of options
    • The will effectively ventilate the required area whilst at the same time ensuring the maximum energy efficiency by exchanging the heat on outgoing, contaminated air and warming the cooler incoming fresh air to provide an economical, comfortable atmosphere
    • The AVT range, together with comprehensive, computerised design facilities, gives the specifier the ability to choose a unit capacity which ensures a proper level of ventilation


    • The extensive range of Heat Recovery Units are available with a variety of options which contribute to their versatility and ensure specification of exactly the correct unit
    • There are direct drive small plant versions, together with larger models either electrically or hot water heated together with belt driven units for bigger airflow requirements. Combine this with the facility for custom built systems, and the flexibility of design and use is infinite
    • Heat Recovery - Flexibility

Technical Support

    • With its firm commitment to quality and customer care, AVT has technical support staff who can help with your requirements

Quality Control

    • AVT Heat Recovery Units are manufactured to the highest quality and inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process
    • All products are built to BS EN ISO 9001
    • We operate a continuous evaluation of products and services to ensure customer requirements are met in full
    • Heat Recovery - Quality Control


    • AVT Heat Recovery units are generally finished in galvanised, double skinned steel with 25mm thick mineral wool slab insulation
    • External models have a plastic coated exterior, a pitched weather-proof lid and birdmesh fitted to the intake and discharge cowls
    • Cross flow plate heat exchangers prevent cross contamination of air streams and are 100% composite construction with a unique XPS extended surface pattern
    • All panel filters are manufactured from bonded and coated continuous spun glass fibre filaments with arrestance of 84% to G3 or G4 grade


    • A full range of accessories and controls are also available - these include:

      - thermal wheel

      - run around coils

      - intake damper/mixing box and bypass dampers

      - electric or hot water frost heaters

      - bag filters

      - control panels

      - custom built units up to 12.0 m³/sec

      - casings:

         - high density mineral wool and barrier matt or  plasterboard

      - additionally:

         - can be constructed in a side by side or stacked layout

         - can be supplied as "flatpack" for on site assembly by AVT engineers.

    • EC motors available
    • Manufactured in UK to ISO 9001

Site Engineering Services

    • Air Vent Technology, which has long been a manufacturer of all kinds of air handling products, has as experts in this field, has set up a new department for the maintenance, repair and installation of this type of unit. AVT can: • refurbish, maintain and repair ALL your Air Handling Units • install ALL necessary components • remove old/damaged items • flat-pack new components to assist with installation in difficult to access areas • schedule work at your convenience (even weekends) • install bespoke or standard energy efficient AHUs for specific applications • integrated control options • web based monitoring • offer maintenance/service packages Refurbishment by AVT trained personnel can: • save you up to 50% of the cost of new units • be a faster option than installing a new unit • give the benefit of better performance, better filtration and increased efficiency of over 50% • save money on overall running costs • no expensive road closures and crane lifts and, AVT (SES) offers a full installation package PHONE or EMAIL TO SEE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU! Tel: 01264 356415: Email: